Other Book of Mormon Geographic Characteristics
1.   Valley of Gideon east of Zarahemla and the river Sidon (Alma 6:7, 2:35).

2.   Mountains nearby for the Gadianton robbers to hide in.

3.   Much gold and silver (In the mountains east of Lehi, and in Darien).

4.   A volcano near Zarahemla to cause the destruction at Christ's crucifixion.

5.   Antionum (Zoramites) east of Zarahemla, south of Jershon (Helaman's Lamanites), and         nearly on the seashore.  Jershon was on the sea and had wilderness just to the south
(Alma 31:3).

6.   The Land of Moroni has wilderness on the south and wilderness on the east
(Alma 62:34).

7.   In the land northward, houses built out of cement because of a lack of timber
(Helaman 3:7).

8.   A harbor for Hagoth on the west near the narrow neck by the lands of Bountiful and Desolation to launch his boats
(Alma 63:5).

9.   A tropical climate
(Alma 46:40).

10.  A land of fountains and rivers for Cumorah.

11.  Land mass enough to support the populations described.

12. Land mass small enough that the land was covered from sea to sea.

13. Eastern mountains and a north/south river like both Salt Lake and the Holy Land.
    So did Mormon build this structure to defend his people and the Nephite lands in the north from the Lamanites coming in from the south? .........

     Maybe, but there still is no question--Mormon was here.
"New Millennium Atlas" by Rand McNally
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