The Narrow Strip of Wilderness
Mormon's Structure
Land of Desolation
Land of Bountiful
1. The wilderness was just south of the land of Desolation (in the land of
(Alma 22:29,30).

2.  Mormon's structure seems to divide the land of Desolation from the
     Land of Bountiful.

3.  Walking on the divide between the lands of Bountiful and Desolation was
     a 1 and 1/2 day walk from the east sea to the west sea
(Alma 22:32).

4.  On the north the wilderness ran by the land of Zarahemla (Alma 22:27).
     It was west of Zarahemla
(Alma 22:28).

5.  As it extended south, it ran along the sea (into the land of Nephi)
(Alma 22:27,29).

6.  At Manti, the strip of wilderness turned east (Alma 22:27).

7.  Manti was at the headwaters of the Sidon River which flowed from east
     to west before turning north
(Alma 22:27). Sidon had to be large enough to carry dead bodies to the sea (Alma 3:3, 44:22).

8.  The Land of Zarahemla was nearly surrounded by water. (Directly to the             west of Zarahemla is swamp.) (Alma 22:32).

9.  The land of Bountiful was full of many kinds of wild animals. (This area
     has more species of birds than anywhere else on earth and still supports                           a diverse population of large predators.)
(Alma 22:31).

10. By guarding the land of Bountiful, the Lamanites could not get into
      the land northward
(Alma 22:33).

Land of Nephi
Land of Lehi
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