Alma, the Hill Amnihu, and the Battle with the Amlicites
                                                                                                                                           (Alma 2:15-38)
     The Amlicites attack the hill Amnihu (east of the Sidon River near Zarahemla)(Alma 2:15).

     Alma came from Zarahemla and attacked the Amlicites
(Alma 2:16).

     They pursued the Amlicites and in the same day camped in the Valley of Gideon (further east)
(Alma 2:20, also Alma 6:7).

     The Amlicites got to Minon overnight, and Alma's spies were able to return by the next morning
(Alma 2:22-23).

     The Amlicites (and Lamanites who joined them) headed for Zarahemla.  They were intercepted and defeated on the west bank of the river Sidon.  They fled into the Hermounts Wilderness (to the west and to the north of Zarahemla) where many of the wounded were eaten by ravenous beasts
(Alma 2:36-37).  This description of the wilderness fits Darien quite well, even to this day.
Hill Amnihu
Valley of Gideon
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