Lehi's Journey (part II)
     From the land of Jerusalem down to Nahom, the basic route is no longer under debate.  After Nahom the group went to "Bountiful" built a boat, and came to America.  On this the text is clear.

     The amount of ink and paper being spent on finding "Bountiful" is enormous.  Tradition has Bountiful as somewhere on the Saudi Arabian peninsula's coast with the Indian Ocean (between 600 - 900 miles from Nahom)
(footnote).  The text and science suggest something significantly different.
Bountiful ?
     One of the proposed "Bountifuls" is along the Saudi Peninsula's coast.  This is a good representation of most of the proposals--no oaks or teak (for the keel), minimal other wood that was "worked" (for the rest of the boat), no many fruits, trace amounts of ore.
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