Lehi's Journey (part I)
Valley of Laman
Lehi leaves Jerusalem before the destruction of the first (Jewish) temple (after 600 and before 588 BC).

He and his family travel 3 days and camp by the river of Laman.

During this encampment Nephi obtains the Brass Plates, Ishmael joins Lehi's group, Lehi's children marry Ishmael's children, and Lehi finds the Liahona (ball, director, or compass) in front of his tent the morning they break camp.

Nephi had the last working steel bow which lost it's spring.  Lehi's group became very discouraged.  Nephi made a new bow.  Hugh Nibbley thought the only place along the route with adequate wood for this was near Jeddah (which is near Mecca).

Ishmael died and was buried at Nahom.  The wives of the children of Lehi were very distraught at the death of their father.  An alter with Nahom (NHM written in Arabic (right to left)) on it has been found.  Nahom served as a cemetery for a large local region.  The Book of Mormon description of where Nahom was accurately describes where Nahom is.
Jeddah (Mecca)
“Newly Found Altars From Nahom”, Warren P. Aston, FARMS, 10:2, p57-61, 2001.
"New Mellennium Atlas" by Rand McNally
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