Did Mormon Build This 140+' High Structure Between 350 and 360 AD?
    And it came to pass that the Lamanites did not come to battle again until ten years more had passed away. And behold, I had employed my people, the Nephites, in preparing their lands and their arms against the time of battle.  (Mormon 3:1)
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1 Land of Desolation
2 Hagoth's Harbor
3 Mormon's Wall
4 Hermounts Wilderness
5 City of Bountiful
6 Land of Bountiful
7 Eastern Cities
8 East Wilderness
9 Zarahemla
10 River Sidon
11 Hill Amnihu
12 Valley of Gideon
13 Land of Minon
14 Ammonihah
15 Narrow Strip of Wilderness
16 Manti
17 Gadianton Robbers' Mountains (Secret Places)
18 Land of Nephi
19 Land of Lehi
20 Sea West
21 Sea East
22 Sea South

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